A Parking Place

by TerryLema

Last Tuesday I had to go for an infusion. Since getting COVID the first week of September, I had not driven much, and the little I had driven, I had Bob with me in case I got too tired. This was the first time I decided to drive alone. It isn’t very far, just a little over three miles. I thought that would not be too difficult.

The one thing I was a bit worried about was where I had to park and how far I might have to walk. The building houses a hospital as well as doctor offices and outpatient centers.  That means there are always a lot of cars and sometimes you have to park pretty far away. Fortunately, the location of the infusion center is on the first floor and not far from the entrance.

My plan was to simply drive over early, rest in the car, then walk in. When I pulled into the parking lot, a car was backing out from the closest parking space to the entry. Wow! I could not have gotten any closer had I reserved it.

As I sat in my car, I began to praise my Father for His great love and kindness. I know it might sound silly, but at that moment I sensed the LORD’s smile and His delight.

I love doing things for the people I love. I love surprising them with gifts when they least expected it. I love showing my love and delight in others. When I do these kinds of things, they always made me smile.

As I sat there, I knew God was smiling … He surprised me with a gift of kindness knowing my weakness.

It was just a parking space, but sometimes it is the little things that drive the deepest into our hearts. God’s smile. God’s kindness to His child that morning still brings tears of joy one week later.

Psalm 36:7: How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! [NKJV]

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