Great is the LORD!

by TerryLema

Ps 145:3-5: “Yahweh is great and is highly praised; His greatness is unsearchable. One generation will declare Your works to the next and will proclaim Your mighty acts. I will speak of Your splendor and glorious majesty and Your wonderful works.” [HCSB]

Psalm 145 is a praise song of David. It seemed fitting to me that we should read this song today and do what it says in verse 5 … “I will speak [meditate] on God’s wonderful works.”

I was blessed yesterday to be back in church after five weeks dealing with COVID. I so missed the Family of God!

Is the church in America what she should be? No. But making no excuses, I will remind us that the church has often not been what she should be. And still, God. God has fought for her attention and has cured her over and over of her sin.

He has provided the rain of His Spirit when she was dry. He has blanketed her in a spirit of holiness when she was devoured by the world. He has overpowered her sin and arrogance with His love and grace, drawing her to a time of repentance. We call that revival.

I agree with David, no one can fully fathom God’s greatness. We simply experience it and commend it to others.

We have a choice on what we meditate on today. We can focus on all that is wrong, and there is plenty of that to fill our thoughts. Or, we can focus on the greatness of the LORD. We can speak to others of His mighty acts and spread the praiseworthiness of our God.

I choose today to do the latter. My God is able … My God has a purpose … My God, my God, is glorious in majesty and has all power. My God will fulfill His purpose for His church. On that I rest my hope.

Thank you, Father, that You have called Your church for Your purpose. Amen

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