To Me & To You

by TerryLema

I am reading the accounts of the birth of our Lord Jesus as I prepare messages for the Sundays leading up to Christmas. As I read the story in Luke, I came across a familiar announcement … it was spoken by the angels to the shepherds. “Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.” [Luke 2:11]

 The thing that struck me are two words, “to you.” A Savior has been born “to you” the angels told the shepherds. I would not damage the context I’m sure, if I said it this way, A Savior has been born ‘for me,’ [or for us] he is Christ the LORD.”

This Savior, Christ the LORD, born to Mary in a humble setting in the city of Bethlehem, came to you, and to me. He came to us.

While the angels announced His birth, they will never experience what it is to know that God’s Son came to set them free from the ravages of sin and iniquity. They will never know the profound blessing of faith, of redemption, of salvation. They will never truly understand what it means to hear the chains of bondages fall to the ground because Christ the LORD has broken every chain that bound us.

This Savior has been born to us, to men and women, tainted by the fall, under condemnation of death. He has set us free, made us alive in God, and taken us by the hand leading us into the family of God. His coming to us allows us to come to our Father God, no longer enemies, but now as His beloved children.

I think I like those two words, “to you.” Thank you, my Blessed Savior.

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