It’s Hot!

by TerryLema

It is hot here in the Treasure Valley in Idaho. It has been hot for quite some time now. We set a record of 10 days straight over 100 degrees. Then it “cooled down” to the upper 90’s. Since then, it has been bouncing just a bit above or below that 100-degree mark. I am weary of the heat. So are many farmers as the heat is devastating crops around the region and the coinciding drought has shut off water just as they need it.

The entire region is baking under extreme heat, drought, and now fires are popping up in our state and in the surrounding ones. Smoke is beginning to invade the Treasure Valley. I think one of the reasons I love autumn so much is that it is a confirmation that the heat, at least for the remainder of this year, is a thing of the past.

I look forward to those times of refreshing, cooler weather, hopefully rain to dampen the fires, and breezes to dissipate the smoke.

Peter, in his sermon in Acts 3 spoke of spiritual “times of refreshing.”

“Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.”  [Acts 3:19: NKJV]

Peter and John had gone up to the temple at the hour of prayer and approached a lame man who was begging for alms. Peter told the man they did not have money, but they had something better … healing in the Name of Jesus. When they lifted the man to his feet, his feet and ankles were healed and he began not just to walk, but to leap and praise God. That got the attention of those in the temple area and prompted Peter to turn this miracle into a sermon for surrendering to Christ Jesus as their Messiah and LORD.

Peter was forthright in telling them they had killed their Messiah, but, he said, they did that in ignorance.  Now there was no excuse to remain in ignorance since Christ Jesus was raised from the dead. Now they needed to repent and be converted; they needed to return to God.  If they did so, their sins would be blotted out and they would experience those “times of refreshing” that come from the presence of the LORD.

Those “times of refreshing” promised by Peter are here now for those who have placed their faith in Christ Jesus, and one day they will be the seasons we dwell in for all eternity! Praise His Holy Name. Amen.

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