From Death to Life …

by TerryLema

This morning I was drawn to that magnificent passage of Scripture in Ephesians 2:1-10, labeled in my Bible as “From Death to Life.”

Ten verses describe what we were before Christ and what we are after surrendering our lives to Him. Take a moment and read those first ten verses in Chapter 2. They begin … “And you were dead ….”

Three verses describe how we were dead. We were dead in our trespasses and sins. We were dead as we walked according to the ways of this world. We were dead as we obeyed the ruler of this world (the enemy of our soul). We were dead as we lived and surrendered to all our fleshly (sinful) desires and thoughts. We were dead and under the wrath of God.

Then the most marvelous two words ever found anywhere appear and begin verse 4 … “But God ….”

We now live in all the things implicit in those two words … “But God ….”

Do you see what we now live in?

Verse 4: Mercy and God’s Love

Verse 5: Life and Grace

Verse 6: Relationship with Christ Jesus in the heavens

Verse 7: Kindness

Verse 8: Salvation, Grace, Faith – God’s gifts to us

This is what we were created for! To be His. To flow in the good works He has prepared for us!

If your soul is not soaring into the heavens as you read Chapter 2:1-10, read it again!


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