I Want My Song Back …!

by TerryLema

We welcomed a beloved evangelist and his wife at The Way Middleton last Sunday. They have been with us a number of times in the past years, and we love having them return. (David & Loretta Hoole, The Joseph Company)

In the past when David brought his message, God always had something special for me. This time was no different.

During the message, David talked about a recent bout he and Loretta had with a well-known virus. It was just around the time I had my bout. Loretta had a more severe case, and it took her a bit longer to recover. One day she suddenly felt better and said, “I have my song back.” Apparently, Loretta likes to sing throughout the day.

In that moment, I realized I have lost my song. At end of service, I acknowledged that need and David & Loretta prayed for me.

I have not lost my love for my Savior. I have not lost my amazement at God’s grace and mercy for me. I sing and praise My beloved LORD at every opportunity.

But, I have lost the song of passion in my heart. Maybe it has been the struggle with pain and medication side effects over the last three years that took that song from me. Maybe it was my own neglect that allowed that song to silence. Maybe it the uncertainty of what I will be doing in the new year. But as I stood in church last Sunday, I realized my song was gone. And I realized I want it back.

It is time to sing a new song to the LORD.” [Psalm 96:1, 98:1, 149:1, Isaiah 41:20]

It is time for a new passion.

It is time to seek a deeper awareness of the LORD’s presence.

I will yet “sing a new song to the LORD!”


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