Checkup Day

by TerryLema

I have my six-month checkup with my primary provider this morning, along with my Medicare annual checkup. I started a list of things last week that I want to run by her. With each passing year I find more and more things populate that list! I used to be able to remember the things I needed on that list, but I find I now need to write them down.

As I thought about my checkup for physical things, I was reminded that we should do a spiritual checkup on occasion. I run my physical and mental health past my primary provider on a regular basis. Maybe I should run my spiritual health past my LORD and Master on a regular basis.

David, in his wonderful Psalm 139, ends his song with a “check-up” request.

“Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my concerns. See if there is any offensive way in me; lead me in the everlasting way.” [vs 23-24 HCSB]

David went to the Great Physician and asked Him to check out his heart. He asked God to test him, to see if there was anything spiritually unhealthy in him. That is a prayer that God always answers. After putting that prayer before our Maker, however we need to be prepared for His answer!

David knew God would reveal anything spiritually unhealthy in his heart, but he also understood one very important truth. God would lead him “in the everlasting way.” God would provide the way, the healing plan, for David to follow.

When we ask God to reveal our hearts to us, it is with a comforting certainty that while He might find things that should not be there, He will always provide a way (the everlasting way) for us to overcome those very same things.

Bless His Holy Name! Amen

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