But God Knows Your Heart

/ August 20, 2017 / Devotions / 0 Comments

August 20

But God. Two 3-letter words. But God. Have you ever thought about what you would be, what your life would be if those two little words didn’t exist?  But God. It is an interesting study looking up “but God” in a concordance. I want to spend this week looking at a few of the “but God” occurrences in Scripture.

In Luke 16, Jesus tells the story of the master and the dishonest manager. He ends with a dynamic statement, “You cannot serve both God and Money.” [Luke 16:13]

Luke then tells us that there were Pharisees listening, “who loved money…and were sneering at Jesus.” 

Jesus sees their sneers and tells them, “You are the ones who justify yourselves in the eyes of men, but God knows your hearts.” [v 14-15]

But God knows your hearts. That is both a negative and a positive statement. For those who sneer at the things of God and hold themselves up for glory in the sight of men, God sees through the arrogance. He knows their hearts. But for those who by their very lives seek to honor Him in the sight of men, God also knows their hearts and they are pleasing to Him.

Father, my heart breaks when I see the sneers or read the insults to You. May I always remember to pray for those souls. May my own heart always honor You. Amen.