Boxed Furniture Aisle

/ June 7, 2019 / Devotions / 0 Comments

I was in Walmart early Monday morning walking through the boxed furniture aisle when I met with a dear pastor and his wife who share our church building. It must have been a divine “coincidence” … no one is in the Walmart boxed furniture aisle early Monday mornings. I know that because while we talked for about 30 minutes, no one even came near the boxed furniture aisle.

We had a great time talking about the LORD. As we talked, we discovered that our messages have even been similar over the last few months. (I’m pretty sure that’s because “what the Spirit is saying to the churches” is the same warnings and encouragements everywhere.)

God is calling all the Body of Christ to put aside the things that keep us apart. Sure, we may think differently on some things. Our church meets on Sunday, theirs meets on Saturday … may I say, who cares! What if we all just decided to meet on Tuesdays? Or Mondays? I doubt it matters much to God which day of the week we meet as long as we gather to worship Him.

As we shared Monday morning, it was clear that the core of our focus is one.  We both lovingly and faithfully serve the LORD Jesus (Yeshua), Him crucified and raised from the dead. We are brothers and sisters in the LORD, not rivals but sister churches who meet in the same building.  When we first began our church, they blessed us enormously, helping us to continue when times were tough. Now times are a bit tough for them and we have been granted the privilege of blessing them.

I loved our conversation Monday morning in the boxed furniture aisle in Walmart. I was blessed. Maybe I need to hang out there more often!