by TerryLema

The last day of April was sure a wild one in the Treasure Valley in Idaho. It began with a beautiful sunny sky, warm temperatures (the day before had been downright hot!). I was not paying much attention to the weather, however. My attention was focused on waiting for the Governor to affirm that Stage One of opening Idaho back up would begin on May 1 and churches would be allowed to gather, granted with certain protocols in place. (He did, and we are on May 10.)

All that changed early afternoon. A strong wind began, then the sound of distant thunder was heard. Within minutes the rain started. Then it got even more intense. Wind speeds accelerated, the patio cover began to rattle, lightning started and thunder followed right after, and the rain turned into a downpour (in some areas wind gusted to 65 miles per hour, tornado warnings went into effect, and ping-pong size hail fell).

I sat in my chair watching the trees bend and listening to the sounds of a violent storm, and I thought how quickly everything can change.

Shortly before His death, Jesus’ disciples asked Him about what we now call “The End Times.” They wanted to know what would transpire during those final days. Jesus gave them the signs that would be there. You can read those things in Luke 21. Then He told them that when they saw those things happening, they were to look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near. [v28]

1 Corinthians 15:51 uses the term “twinkling of an eye” to describe the change that will happen when that “trumpet sounds.”

Peter tells us that the “Day of the LORD will come like a thief” and the “heavens will disappear with a roar.” [2 Peter 3:10]

The point is that everything can change in a moment. Just as that storm changed a beautiful day into a terrifying one in a matter of seconds; so the LORD can return JUST-LIKE-THAT!

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