Why is it …?

by TerryLema

Why is it that every time I buy something, in the next day or so, even next hour or so, it turns up cheaper somewhere else?

That happened this week.  I needed some things and had put off buying them because they can be a bit pricey. I finally gave in, checked around local sites, and headed to a store, picking up what I needed.

The very next day I decided to visit an online delivery site to reorder a couple vitamins and thought I would check if they carried what I just bought. They not only carried them, but they also sold them at half the cost.

That seems to be the story of my life. My timing is always off. Whenever we bought a house prices were high. Whenever we sold a house prices were low. I never can seem to get it right.

Maybe that is why God gives “freely.” He knows if He sold us what we needed, we would all be paying a different price, looking for a bargain, or most likely fall short of any asking price.

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. They are justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus.” [Romans 3:23-24 HCSB]

I received the greatest thing I will ever need, redemption, freely by God’s grace. I will never look around and say, “Why is it …?” and regret I did not look for a better offer somewhere else.

I have fallen far, far short of God’s glory. Yet freely He has given me a place in His family all because of Christ’s sacrifice. Oh, the marvelous grace of God!

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