The Dark Ages

by TerryLema

We have probably all heard the term, “The Dark Ages.” We may have even studied it in history. There is some debate about the exact time frame and the exact meaning or who even coined the phrase.

I hear a lot today about our world getting darker and darker. “They” say it as if darkness is something new. I beg to differ.  This world has been dark for generations, ever since the first generation caved to the temptation of the enemy in the Garden and doubted God and His Word.  Sin and death entered, and the world became a hostile, dark, ugly realm.

We know it was so dark in the days of Noah that God even regretted creating mankind. [Genesis 6:5-6]

It was dark in the days of Moses when Pharaoh oppressed the people of God with slavery and heavy burdens.

It was dark in the days of Jeremiah when God’s people were so occupied with idols that He had to send them into captivity to get their attention.

It was dark in the 400 years after Malachi prophesied leading up to birth of Jesus recorded in the Gospels.

Then Christ came, and light entered those who placed their trust in Him. But still, the unbelieving world was dark. And as Paul told Timothy in his second letter, perilous times will come in the last days. [2 Timothy 3]

Darkness reigns in this world until Christ Jesus, the Light of the World, comes and banishes sin and death into eternal oblivion. The Dark Ages began in the Garden, but their reign is coming to an end. Christ Jesus, the King of Kings and LORD of Lords defeated them at the cross and will abolish them eternally when this world’s kingdom becomes the Kingdom of our God and King. [Revelation 12:10]

Our Father …Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Amen

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