Staying Connected to the Power

by TerryLema

Last week Bob went hunting for a few days with a friend. (Turned out fewer than anticipated as the water pipes in the RV froze. A couple other things froze also (including Bob) so they returned early, without a deer. In the meantime, while they were suffering up there in the mountains, I was home really enjoying my time alone.

On Thursday, I had absolutely nothing planned. I was not going out, except for a worship walk, and no one was coming over. I planned on a day of reading, writing, praying and praising. The morning started as usually, time alone with God. Then I showered and dressed and spent the next few hours doing exactly what I planned. After lunch I went for a walk.

By late afternoon I decided to turn on the television. I noticed that the volume was a bit lower than normal, so I turned it up, and up, and up, until I realized I was hearing sound in my left ear but not much in my right one. Wow, did the battery go out in my right hearing aid while I was walking? Maybe the noise of the wind as I walked masked the warning. So, I took it off to replace the battery only to discover there was no battery. It had fallen out in the case in the morning and I never noticed. I was without power that entire day.

Even though I wore that hearing device all day I wasn’t getting any help hearing on that side. And, since I wasn’t talking with anyone, I never noticed until I turned on the television. Funny how you can be disconnected from the power source and never notice.

“You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” [Acts 1:8]

Maybe we should make sure every day we’re connected to our spiritual power source!

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