Rocky for a while

by TerryLema

One of the best times for me to hear the voice of the LORD is in that twilight time between being fully asleep and fully awake in the mornings. The other morning I woke up praying for someone I had not seen face-to-face in at least a decade. The LORD gave me an encouragement for her, which I passed on through Facebook. (Yes, there are some good things about social media.)

This past Tuesday I woke up and heard, The way ahead will be rocky for a while.”

That thought immediately brought to mind the prayer of David in Psalm 143. David was recalling his problems with an enemy and asking God for a quick, speedy resolution to his situation, “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.” [v10 NIV]

Bob and I have been talking recently about one last “big” vacation before we get too much older. We haven’t taken very many in our lifetime. I took Carter to DC. Bob’s been fishing in Canada and hunting in Virginia. Together we spent time touring the southwest a few years back. We’ve been looking at another road trip, or perhaps flying into Alaska.

When I heard God say so clearly, The way ahead will be rocky for a while, I decided to postpone our plans. If our path is going to be rocky rather than level ground, it’s not a time to go into vacation or spending mode, it’s a time to go into conserve mode until we see just how “rocky” it will be.

We may still take one last “big” vacation, but for now I think that’s going on the backburner. Instead I’ll be practicing some patience, gaining some wisdom and praying for God’s good Spirit to lead us onto level ground.

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