I Can Trust Him

by TerryLema

I’ve heard so many people utter the phrase, “I hate change.” That always amuses me. We live in a world that is nothing but change. Oh sure, there are those annoyingly too-frequent employment “realignments” that drive workers nuts, but change is something we often embrace too. I like the changing seasons. I like the change that brings more light in the morning than in the evening. Everything around us changes, moment by moment, light to dark and back again. Even the hairs of our head are changing moment by moment (a good thing if you’ve ever had a bad haircut).

Change simply means something gets better or worse or different. When we come to Christ Jesus, we are to change … for the better. That’s called sanctification. We are to become more and more like our Savior. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit in us makes that possible.

While I like the idea of change for most things in life, I am grounded on the truth that our God never changes. He said to Malachi, I am the Lord, I change not.” [3:6]

God is absolutely perfect, immutable, He changes not. He cannot grow better, because He’s perfect. He cannot grow worse, because He’s perfect. He cannot be different than what He is … because He’s perfect!

 That attribute of immutability is the basis for His faithfulness. He is ever faithful because He changes not. I can trust that the God who rescued me from the degradation of sin in 1973 is the same God who continues to walk with me today. He promised in 1973 to “finish” what He started and I see Him at work in my life every day doing just that! The God who brought me into His family … as His child … in 1973 is the same one who will embrace me as His daughter when I enter His presence in eternity.

I can trust Him, because He-Never-Changes! Hallelujah!


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