Hold My Hand

by TerryLema

Isa 41:13: For I, Yahweh your God, hold your right hand and say to you: Do not fear, I will help you.[HCSB]

God takes hold of our right hand. God speaks His assurance into our lives – “do not fear, I will help you.” Not, I might help you, nor I can help you, nor I could help you. His word to us is “I will help you.”

 One of the things I miss most now that my children are all grown is little hands reaching up for me to hold. I miss that little hand in mine walking through stores or along pathways. I miss those little hands so trusting. Even my grandsons have grown beyond that hand-holding stage.

There is something exceedingly precious about holding the trusting hand of a child. I wonder if God feels the same way when we lift our hands to Him, when we ask Him to take hold because we are in need of help, or are fearful, or need comforting. I wonder if His heart soars when we place our hand in His and seek His guidance along unknown pathways or ask for His strength when we grow weak and weary.

Jesus said in Mark 10:15 that we must accept the kingdom of God as a little child. I’ve heard many a sermon on what that means, and not all the preachers arrived at the same conclusion. Perhaps it is this, the simplicity of placing our hand in the Mighty Hand of God—just as our children placed their little hands in ours.

Father, may I never think I can grow beyond my hand in Your hand. Amen.

 Marshall Hall, Angela Primm, Jason Crabb - Take My Hand, Precious Lord (Live) - Bing video
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