Got a Need?

by TerryLema

Do you have a need? Great! Then God has an opportunity for a miracle in your life. Without a need, there is no reason for a miracle. “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness.” [2 Peter 1:3]

Are you thirsty? Wonderful! Then God has an opportunity to pour His living water upon you. Without thirst, there is no reason for His outpouring. “For I will pour water on him who is thirsty.” [Isa 44:3]

See how this works? We would prefer to not have a need. We would prefer to not be thirsty. We would prefer for life to be smooth sailing every moment, every day. Yet without a need, we never see God working in our life and our faith never grows. Without a thirst, we would never see God pour out His Spirit – His Living Water – upon us.

My first child was born with birth defects. At six weeks she had her first kidney infection. After the third one, I was reprimanded about the way I was caring for her. After a few more, tests showed she had four kidneys, ureters that were severely kinked, and alves that did not work. Her 10th infection came on her first birthday, a hot bacterial infection that put her in the hospital.

I was not yet saved, but God had strong Christians in my family “hovering” around me. My great aunt, in her late 70’s told me that she and “the girls” (other women of faith just as old as she) would be fasting and praying for my child’s healing. We took our daughter home after a week in the hospital. She never had another infection – not even one. Tests when she was four showed all four kidneys functioning, ureters completely unkinked and valves working. My need was met with God’s miracle.

I know God works miracles. My child is 50 years old next year. I’ve saw what God did for her, and what He has done for many others. Got a need? Got a thirst? God’s got an opportunity to work in your life.

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