God’s Promises

by TerryLema

Fear is all around us. We see it promoted every day in the media, by our politicians, in social media and in books, movies, videos. The world, the devil, even our own flesh in its rebellion want to keep us immobilized by fear. When the “spirit of fear” enters our life, it seeks to steal, kill, and destroy our spiritual growth and life.

To overcome it, we must instead replace it with the “Fear of the LORD.” That requires us to know God and His attributes. It requires us to reinforce the promises God has given us for our life. Sometimes that means going over them again and again until they take root in our heart and drive out all doubt.

Psalm 91 is our 911 Song. It teaches us that God is our refuge, strength, fortress, protector. It tells us all the things God protects us from (verses 5-10) and how we are victorious in Him (verse 13).

In addition, Psalm 91(1) gives us eight promises of protection.  Read verses 14-16 and as you do, make them personal.

“I will rescue you…” (God will rescue us and give us a way of escape)

“I will protect you…” (God will protect us; He will set us in the cleft of the rock)

“I will answer you…” (He will hear our prayers and He will answer us with His goodness)

“I will be with you in trouble…” (He will never leave us nor forsake us, no matter the distress)

“I will deliver you…” (He will deliver us from all the darts and attacks against us by the enemy)

“I will honor you…” (He will make us to sit in the heavenlies in Christ Jesus)

“I will satisfy you with long life…” (He will take us into His presence for all eternity)

“I will show you my salvation…” (He will grant us freedom from sin, shame, guilt and one day will wipe away every tear, take away all pain, and banish death to eternal hell)

If we focus on those eight promises, we will learn that we can trust in God and not be afraid of the enemy of our soul, the world or even our own rebellious nature.

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