Dutch Bros Loves Me!

by TerryLema

On the way back from “Rehab for the Elderly,” I stopped for a Dutch Bros coffee. I figured I would reward myself for the giant effort it took to lift myself up and down off a chair eight times in 30 seconds as well as some of the other exercises. I do not stop for coffee often; it is just too expensive.

I called Bob and asked him what he wanted and placed my order with the young woman who came to my car. The line was long, and I figured I had a bit of a wait. As I got closer to the window, about four cars back, another young woman came out the side door carrying two coffees.

She was grinning as she approached my car and handed me Bob’s hot Americana, black, and my iced cold brew, black. She laughingly told me that the crew at the counter loved me because my drink order was so “simple.” Black coffee, one hot and one iced.

I do love my coffee “simple.” I want to taste the coffee! If I want milk, I will grab a glass. If I want sugar, I will eat a cookie. If I want fruity flavor, I will eat fruit.  What I like about coffee is the coffee! Simple. Pure. Strong. Bold.

I guess I might say that is the way I also like my relationship with God. Simple. Pure. Strong. Bold. There is a passage of Scripture in John’s first letter, Chapter 4:7-19, which talks about knowing God through love. When John gets to the end of the passage, he sums all he has said up with a couple simple, pure, strong, bold words. “We love because He first loved us.” [HCSB]

His love is what enables me to love Him. (I can love Him because He first loved me.)

His love is what enables me to love others. (I can love others, no matter how unlovable they may be, because God loves them.)

His love is what enables me to love myself.  (I can love myself, as undeserving as I am, because God loves me and calls me His child. Perhaps of all things, this is the hardest to do, to see myself through the eyes of God’s love, but who am I to refute my worth if Christ sacrificed His precious blood for a wretch like me.)

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