by TerryLema

I asked the LORD yesterday to open my spiritual ears so that I might hear what I am speaking out of “the abundance of [my] heart.”

It did not take long for the LORD to answer that prayer. One thought kept repeating, “what am I supposed to do now that I am retired from pastoring?”

Do. That is what my heart is focusing on. Doing. I have been doing for a long time. Lately with limited energy and having to accommodate days of pain and fatigue, my focus has been on what needs to be done. Even studying the Word has been focused more on what I have needed to do for a message, not on what nourishes my own soul. I had to ask myself when was the last time I just read my Bible for my soul’s sake?

God led me this morning to Luke 10:38-42, the story of Martha and Mary. When we look at this event, we need to realize that this is not a story about two women, it is a story about discipleship. In Jesus’ day, men rejected women as marginal, and their work equivalent to that of a servant. For Jesus to even be concerned with Martha’s frustration was unusual.

Also, it doesn’t mean that activity is inherently bad, but points to the truth that discipleship is more than merely action. It also involves relationship, reflection, quiet and rest. Jesus was not condemning Martha’s activity as much as He was commending Mary’s.

Our LORD wants our affection more than our service. We need to be occupied with Him, not with what we are “doing” to serve Him. That is what He nudged my spirit with this morning.

My LORD Christ Jesus is reminding me to reorder my priorities. He wants me at His feet. Now to quiet my spirit to rest in Him.

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