Did God Get It Wrong?

by TerryLema

I like a little light reading in the late afternoon or before I go to bed. Something that is clean and fun to read but does not require a lot of brain power. I think better in the morning, so afternoons and evenings are usually not spent studying anything deep or difficult.

I have found a couple “Christian adventure/romance” authors and having been going through their series. They are light romance, boy always gets the girl, and all this is done amid dealing with the difficulties of life and remaining close to the LORD.

As I read them, I hardly ever expect to find anything that makes me go “whoa!” but the other night that is exactly what happened. Something one of the book’s characters said stopped me in my tracks.

“God always gets it right. When we worry or question Him, it’s like we think He’s gotten it wrong.”

Wow! I mean WOW! Those last few words shook me … I wondered how many times I thought God got it wrong! And then the implication of that line of thought … if God could get this wrong, what else might He get wrong!

Of course, God gets absolutely NOTHING wrong. He is perfect in His thinking and character. He knows all things (omniscience), even what might happen because of choices (both good and bad) that we and others might make. He considers all things and always makes the right conclusions and sets the right path for each of us.

I must trust Him completely (He has proven over and over that He is worthy of that trust.)

And I must convey that I trust Him completely to others, otherwise my lack of trust, my worry, my doubts might communicate to others that I think God has gotten it wrong.

Forgive me, LORD, if I have ever given others that wrong impression.  Amen

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