Daily Bread

by TerryLema

We had our first real snow this past week. It began Thursday night and we woke up to about four inches where we live in Caldwell. It stayed cold so it did not melt in the afternoon and Friday brought even more. Looking out Saturday morning we had around six inches. It was beautiful!

Friday morning when Bob went out to fill the bird feeder, he had to scrape about three inches off the feeder before he could lay down the seeds. I was watching and apparently so were the little birds that had spent the night hidden in the deep recesses of the cedar trees we have in the back. Suddenly they popped out and began to chirp loudly. Some flew to the tree on the other side of the fence behind the feeder and continued to chirp.

Before Bob even made it back to the house, about 50 little birds swooped into the feeder and began their morning feeding.

Those little birds and their very vocal response to Bob feeding them always thrill my soul. I do not know what they are saying. Maybe they are chirping “it’s about time,” or announcing to others, “breakfast is being served!”  What I like to think is that they are saying, “thank you.”

“Thank you for our daily bread.”

When Jesus taught His disciples how to pray in Matthew 6 and Luke 11, he told them to include this request, Give us today our daily bread.”

I pray that we remember each day to thank Our Father for His provision for us—like those little birds chirp their thanksgiving to Bob each day. Amen.

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