by TerryLema

People and nations are anxious right now with the trouble rising in the world. Blame is being tossed about. Political parties and individuals are taking sides, so are many world leaders. No one seems to know when or how it will all end. I could tell them how it will ultimately end, all they have to do is read the Book of Revelation…the King of Kings and LORD of Lords returns and sets up His eternal Kingdom, but that probably is not what they want to hear.

 They want to know how it is all going to end in the here and now. Will we see more war? Will we send our young men and women to war in foreign lands? Or, perhaps, will the war come to us in our land?

Anxiety is rising. So, as Christians what are we to do. Peter tells us that we are to “Cast all your anxiety [care] on [Christ Jesus] because he cares for you.” [1 Peter 5:7 NIV]

The word for “cast” that Peter uses is significant. It is “epirrhipto” and it means to throw, to cast upon. Part of its root (rhipto) means to fling with a quick or deliberate toss.

Peter was a fisherman. He knew all about casting his nets out onto the water. He spent years quickly and deliberately flinging and tossing nets. When he says to “fling, cast or toss” our cares “quickly and deliberately” onto Christ Jesus that is noteworthy.

Oh, one last thought … when Peter cast his nets out, he expected to draw them back in with a return of fish. May I be so bold as to add, when we cast our care upon Christ Jesus our LORD, we too can expect a return … a return of peace and comfort and strength.

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