Blaze Away!

by TerryLema

Yesterday I wrote about the Holy Spirit who comes to us when we receive salvation through Christ Jesus. The Spirit dwells in us. He brings light that illuminates the Scriptures. He teaches us how to pray, how to follow, how to live. Our lives are flooded with light as the Spirit unveils Christ Jesus, the Light of the World.

But we need not only light, we need the fire, the power of the Spirit if we are to live as Christ wants us to live. We need the fire and power of the Spirit to “go into all the world and make disciples.”

The truth is that the fire and power of the Spirit are resident within the Holy Spirit who is resident with us. It is His responsibility to provide that for us – but, BUT, it is our responsibility to allow the Spirit to release His power in us. Paul told the Thessalonians, Do not put out the Spirit’s fire [1 Thessalonians 5:19]

To release the fire and power requires obedience. Some scholars estimate that more than 500 people were present when Jesus gave the command to return to Jerusalem and wait for the release of the Holy Spirit’s power. When the Spirit fell in the Upper Room in Acts 2, there were 120. What happened to the rest? Where did they go? Were they not willing to wait and obey the words of the LORD Jesus?

We put out the Spirit’s fire when we fail to be obedient. We douse the flames of the Spirit when we allow ingratitude to creep in and fail to give thanks for all God has done. We restrict the Spirit’s power when we lose our joy, for it is the joy of the LORD that is our strength. [read 1 Thessalonians 5:16-22]

Paul’s warning is ominous. Do not allow the things of this world, our own flesh, or the devil to “put out the Spirit’s fire” in our lives. Blaze away fellow believers!

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