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I don’t think God Almighty would get very far in today’s military. His strategic plans for combat seem futile and foolish. Take Joshua at Jericho. God asked Joshua to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land, a land He promised their forefathers. When they cross the Jordan and enter the land what do they see first? An insurmountable walled city. Not just straight up walls a few feet high, but 3-tiered walls that may have been the equivalent of a 10-story building. They can’t go around and leave this outpost at their rear; they must conquer it.  [Joshua 6]

 God’s plan? Get the ark, and then a bunch of priests with trumpets. Have the army march in front and behind them around the city once each day for six days while the priests blow the trumpets. No one is to say a word. On the seventh day do that seven times and then have everyone shout. Now is that a good military plan? 

 It may not have ranked up there with plans that military academies study, but it worked. At the shout, the walls fell flat.  Why?  Because God said they would. And when God gives a promise, you can guarantee its fulfillment.

 For Joshua and the Israelites, their part was twofold – faith and obedience. When we are faithful and obedient to what God tells us to do (no matter how foolish it may seem to our natural man), that equals victory. 

I must acknowledge that sometimes I am not so faithful, nor obedient. Sometimes I don’t do what God says to do. When that happens, I usually end up in trouble. I cry out to God in repentance. He comes and gets me out of trouble. I understand, however, that’s a rescue, not a victory. I want to be a victorious Christian!

 Want victory?  Remember the formula. Faith & Obedience to God’s word = Victory.  Amen!